PROSACC is a series of newsletters that have grown out of the Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church based in Christchurch. The actual cycling done in Christchurch is a bit ad-hoc these days, but is seen as a genuine spiritual activity. The newsletters are fictional and are a hilarious look at the issues Christian churches face. Women in leadership, creation/evolution, cycling in tongues, church structure, tithing, prosperity, end times, overseas mission, baptism, communion, end times – they’re all debated from a cycling perspective with cartoons to illustrate. The result is very entertaining and also raises significant questions about how we actually go about doing ‘spiritual stuff’, with the suggestion that outdoor activity is maybe a better way of being spiritual than meeting in a church building.

You can download a low resolution version of the book here or buy the printed book for $11 inc postage in NZ. Email me at for bank details.

Sadly, other than, the emails in the book no longer work - too much spam and not enough use.


Contents of PROSACC


Newsletter 1. Concerning the Involvement of Women

Newsletter 2. Concerning Mountain Versus Road Biking, and Deeds of Darkness

Newsletter 3. Concerning the Resolution of the SECC/SACC Identity Crisis

Newsletter 4. Concerning the Resolution of Mountain Biking Versus Road Biking

Newsletter 5. Concerning Head Coverings

Newsletter 6. Concerning the Doing of Works

Newsletter 7. Concerning Spontaneous Versus Planned Worship

Newsletter 8. Concerning Inter-Denominational Events

Newsletter 9. Concerning Cycling in Tongues

Newsletter 10. Concerning the Prayer of Jabez and Blessings-Indeed

Newsletter 11. Concerning the Prayer of Jabez and the Prayer of Job

Newsletter 12. Concerning the Prayer of Jabez and Enlarging Our Territory

Newsletter 13. Concerning the Prayer of Jabez and Being Kept From Pain

Newsletter 14. Concerning the End Times

Newsletter 15. Concerning the Rise of the Anticyclist

Newsletter 16. Concerning Communion and Transsubcyclelation

Newsletter 17. Concerning Fundraising

Newsletter 18. Concerning Tithing

Newsletter 19. Concerning Overseas Mission

Newsletter 20. Concerning Short-Term Mission and Encounters With Other Faiths

Newsletter 21. Concerning the Creation of the Bicycle

Newsletter 22. Concerning Bicycle Evolution and the Bikreation Institute

Newsletter 23. Concerning Baptism

Newsletter 24. Concerning Healing

Newsletter 25. Concerning the Salvation of Backpedalers

Newsletter 26. Concerning Community

Newsletter 27. Concerning the Growth of SACC

Newsletter 28. Concerning Inter-Generational Worship

Newsletter 29. Concerning Fasting and the Anointing Ranking Score

Newsletter 30. Concerning a Name for Inspired SACC Writings

Appendix A.  The SACC Opening Prayer