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Connecting the feeling of wellbeing you get from riding a bike with our spiritual journey

The Christchurch Bike Library has two covered trailers for loan, each with 10 bikes and helmets. They are available to community groups, schools, businesses or a bunch of mates to borrow and go for bike rides. The bikes are mostly hardtail mountain bikes which are NOT suitable for doing jumps or technical downhill tracks, but perfect for easy to intermediate mountain biking, pump tracks or skills training on roads. Regular inspections are made to ensure they are safe and in good working condition. There will be a suggested koha of $200 per trailer for borrowing the bikes which goes towards the upkeep of the bikes and trailers, and some compensation to the people doing the administration and safety checking of the bikes. This is negotiable for groups who have limited funding, but keeping the fleet operational does cost money! There is also a deposit of $100 required that is returned when the trailers are returned in good condition. There are a selection of bikes from small to large and there may be options to customise the bike sizes to suit your group. The trailers are owned by the Breezes Road Baptist Church and the Aranui Bike Fixup, and are supported by L.J & Friends and RAD Bikes, who all run free or low cost community bike workshops. There are also a few road bikes with skinny tyres which are available to students competing in triathlons or multisport events who need a faster road bike to be competitive on.

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